SNAPR: Social Networking Action & Privacy Risk Methodology


Step 1: Do You Care?

SNAPR is only relevant to users who care about the risk posed from accessing social networking websites. If you can answer yes to any one of the following questions then SNAPR is applicable to you and can help assess your risk. 

- Are you worried about employment opportunities?
- Have you ever wondered if the information on your profile could put you and your well-being at risk?
- Do you care about the privacy of your information?
- Do you worry about the type of information you post on your profile and others?
- Are you concerned about identity theft?

If you honestly answered these questions and find that you do care about your risk then SNAPR will provide you with a risk assessment of your social networking site profile.  It will be your choice to change the factors that effect your risk but the risk measurement tool will emphasize the factors that have the most impact on your overall risk.

If you care then proceed to step 2.