SNAPR: Social Networking Action & Privacy Risk Methodology


Results of your Risk

Congratulations, you have have successfully completed the methodology and can now measure your risk by using the following scale.

You will be able to see your results on the descriptive ordinal scale that is used to judge the nature of your profile's content. This rating is only an indicator of the image you portrayed by your profile's content, but makes no judgment on its veracity

Privacy Management Level Measurement
The symbols in the Privacy and Action Matrix correspond to a location on a gradient scale. The gradient scale, known as the Risk Scale, is a closed scale on the left side and a continuous scale on the right side. The closed circle on the left represents zero risk. As the scale travels to the right, the risk gradually increases.

Content Rating Measurement
A mitigating factor indicates an arrow in the decreasing direction on the Risk Scale, suggesting a lower risk to the user. The thickness of the line reflects the degree of impact on the magnitude of risk displayed by the Risk Scale. On the other hand, an agitating factor indicates an arrow in the increasing direction, suggesting a higher risk to the individual.

The Risk Scale is illustrated as follows: