SNAPR: Social Networking Action & Privacy Risk Methodology


Step 3: Privacy Management

Your privacy management on social networking sites is another significant contributor to your overall risk.  Privacy management controls the exposure of your information. In this step, you will determine your Privacy Management Level.  The following table provides a description of each level.

Read each description to determine which level best fits your privacy management.  In order for you to be a specific level, you must fit the entire description; otherwise, choose the level on the next lowest tier. For example, if you fit all the criteria in the High level except "Accept only people that you know", then you must choose the next lowest level, which is Medium.

Write down your Privacy Management Level and take time to think about how your level affects your overall risk.  The higher Privacy Management Levels may reduce exposure of information to threats, while lower Levels may increase exposure.  You might want to think about taking some of the actions in higher levels.

When you have thought about your Privacy Management Level, proceed to Step 4.