SNAPR: Social Networking Action & Privacy Risk Methodology


Step 4: Profile Action Matrix

Now that you have your Profile Action Score and Privacy Management Level, determine your place on the following table.  This table is called the Profile Action Matrix and gives you a symbol that will correspond to a place on the Risk Scale. 

First, determine your symbol using the Profile Action Matrix.

Your symbol shows your location on the Risk Scale.  The closed circle on the left side of the Risk Scale represents zero risk.  As the scale travels to the right, risk gradually increases.

Look at your placement on the Risk Scale.  Other symbols may fall to the left or right of your symbol, thus signifying lower or higher risk.  If you desire a lower place on the scale with less risk, then look back at the Privacy Action Matrix to see what Privacy Management Levels and Profile Action Scores constitute a symbol with lower risk.  You can see that having a Very High Privacy Management Level and a Low Profile Action Level is a star symbol that falls very low on the Risk Scale.  Conversely, the solid circle symbol falls very high on the Risk Scale, indicating significant risk.  You may want to think about changing your Privacy Management Level and Profile Action Level to move your position on the Risk Scale lower.

Once you have found your position on the Risk Scale, proceed to Step 5.